My pets at home

Meet our new family – Max, Molly and Simba.

Having endured a quiet summer last year without pets the Seaman family took the plunge and ventured out to the SPCA once again. There we chose one of a litter of pups who had been abandoned, in a box, next to the motorway. Christened Maude by the SPCA staff we have renamed her Molly. ┬áMolly is now a regular at the clinic always ready to welcome you and your pets – albeit a little too enthusiastically at times. Although of very mixed heritage, including some Rottweiler and American Staffie, she has the gentlest of natures.

We also adopted an older adult cat Max. He took some time to settle in, even disappearing for 5-6 weeks, before finding his own way home and settling in to regular meals and lots of love. He has now come to accept Molly as being part of the family and no longer a threat.

Then just when we thought our menagerie was complete a roadworker arrived with a kitten he had found. He had seen a pillowcase, lying next to the road, move and on looking closer, found it contained a small fluffy ginger kitten. The poor kitten, with its long coat, had soiled itself and had a large lump of faeces stuck to its rear region. A haircut, numerous washes and some cream for the faecal scald soon sorted his ailments. Being long haired and initially having a big lion-like mane earned him the name Simba.

He is a friend to both Molly and Max and is actually encouraging Max to be more playful and outgoing.